sometimes i think in order to write something, i just have to sit down and do it. no particular thought comes to me as to what i am going to write about — usually, in fact, in these times, there are plenty of thoughts, just none of which i want to share on the blog. which is fine, i have people to talk to about that. if i didn’t have people to talk to, then ironically i’d probably be fine writing about whatever i wanted on here since i would have no one to tells the secrets of, or embarass, or whatever.
that being said, i am really looking forward to the next few days. dinner tonight, lunch with john and thor tomorrow, movie in the evening, then meeting up with quentin and thor for coffee, then going to see jason and the other dude from influenza play at a club on hastings, housewarming party at julian’s on saturday night, ‘massive change’ exhibit on sunday with mike and kristen, and that’s as far as the weekend goes. my evening on sunday is open, but i think i’ll probably want to hang out at home as i am going out monday night to go see nerd MC somewhere downtown. that’s plenty. for someone like me who likes to be on the go go go, this is good, this is the way i want it.
next week is starting to take shape as well.. i am also trying to find a way to be in victoria for more than a few days at a time during late december as a lot of my friends will be coming back for the ‘holidays’.
last night i got a fair bit of work done on an ambient version of Ghosted. Charles picked a name to release it under — “Obakeh” which means Ghost in japanese. cool beans. i listened to it last nite on anand’s system and am going to make some adjustments to it later this evening. filtering is needed and a slight bit of resequencing.
the picture at the top is me, yeah, i have grey hair! just kidding. i photoshopped the shadows a bit and it turned out like that. this is one of a few hundred that adrian took on the weekend at the pacific front recordings photoshoot. it was neat being shot instead of doing the shooting. i had some idea of how i wanted to appear but my goofiness shined through and so most are of me making some face. that is fine, as adrian says, that is who i am. and it’s true, we were having a great time at the photoshoot, as is true as any time we spend time together. i think that says a lot.
the new PFR (v2) site is coming along — i have been working on it every day for the last bit now and things are coming together. still a lot left to do but i know what needs doing, how to do it so it is just a question of time now. i can’t wait…
“We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.”
– Decca Records, rejecting a demo from a band named the Beatles, 1962.

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