hiya, so this is a lil update to say that we’re now concentrating our efforts on now instead of blogbc will feature links categorized by community (wouldn’t it be cool to read blogs from Atlin or Kitimat or Kispiox??!) so it will be more inclusive ergo more interesting.
that combined with the fact that jodie mysteriously doesn’t maintain the victoria blogroll anymore and has been irresponsive to any of my messages pretty much means we’re moving on to bigger and better! 😉

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  1. whew…. and here I was thinking it was just ME who couldn’t make blog victoria work at all anymore! hee hee.

  2. Oh yeah, baby! Funny, after reading your entry, I thought “wow – that’s a great idea: categorization by city!”. I’ve now got a bit of a list of ideas ready for bringing to the meeting. Hope everyone else has a bunch too. I’m stoked!

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