quick update from demitasse

i just finished doing some work down at demitasse with justin and james, and then some work-work on my own. demitasse just started up their wifi network and it’s a pretty cool place to do a little bit of work-work and have a cup of coffee (or earl grey tea, as i am having). demitasse is on blanshard and johnson st. in downtown victoria.
AND they’re playing junior boys right now. how cool is that? this is trendier than wearing lululemon at a starbucks in kitsilano.
i told a couple people about jon stuart on CNN’s “crossfire” — here’s a link to krishen’s little blurb and the link to the actual clip from the show:
priceless. those guys had nothing. i mean, you’ll see. hahaha!

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  1. I wish those two guys from Crossfire could have shut up for 30 lousy seconds and let Jon actually talk and make his point. However, the fact that they wouldn’t let him finish a sentence proved that they’re a bunch of wankers.

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