last night we went on a journey to maxgrahamland. ok that sounds messed up, but really, he was amazing last night. he didn’t do his usual scratch routine — he was purely using CDJ-1000’s and no vinyl. cool or what.
my set at the beginning was 2.5 hours and it felt good. i started with progressive breaks and went into the habersham-like four on the floor, which really rocked on the loud system. i ended up in charlie-may territory by the end of the set, which worked well opening up for cary chang. cary and craig tagged for a bit and then max was in control of the room..
max started with tribal prog and went housey-tech with some breakbeat thrown in for good measure and then to full on techno massiveness before sliding into tech trance and then trance and then rock ? and then progressive again. my favorite part of the night was when he did the rise into the really dark and heavy tech-trance .. a lot of great music, similar to that of LSG’s “The Black Album” which is quite non-melodic and full of huge percussion and general evil noises. totally great stuff which i had never heard before. near the end he played one of his own remixes of Jase from Outta Space’s “do what you want” and it sounded quite good, though max was quite humble about it and said he still is blown away by the infusion mixes, one of which you may know from James Holden’s “Balance” mix, CD1. choon!
craig left an hour into max’s set, which i thought was weird, considering he brought max out. too bad for craig, because he missed a really awesome set.
max was on his way out so i ended up playing another hour at the end. i was not really prepared for it as i had brough mostly opening records with a few emergency records (just in case something like this happened) and i brought just enough to put together a nice little post-max come-down set with some hybrid, junkiexl, starecase, and bt type stuff. all of which max -used- to play..
i am really happy with the quality of pictures i got last night. there are some really good ones which i will post on tuesday most likely in the form of a new gallery.
i slept until 4:30 PM today. that was a solid 9 hour sleep.. i have not eaten in a while. i need to eat.. it’s 6:18 PM and it’s been 24 hours since my last meal. is this breakfast time or dinner time?

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