it’s been a rather nutty last week.. i am going to try and make up for lack of sleep by going to sleep “early” tonight .. which means before midnight for me.
good luck andrea! andrea is in the final round of a bikini contest tonight. work it.
i am having a going away party with pete (who is also going away) on the last wednesday of this month. if you are interested, leave a comment.. bye!

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  1. love that shot!! turned out even better than I had expected.
    re: sleep. i know how you feel. after getting back from victoria, I went to bed at 3:40am sun, 2:30am mon and 1:45am tuesday. finally crashed last night… was in bed by 9:45pm and man does it feel good today. i am so much more focused, plus getting up at 6:20 gives time for a proper breakfast, time to relax etc before going to work. super +good.

  2. Davin,
    As a kid I remember that you had the best curfew, which was whenever you wanted to come home. You got to watch an entire house be transported down Shelborne street as the rest of us twelve year old suckas were fast asleep.
    I love the confidence your parent showed in you. Maybe I will do something similar with mine one day.

  3. david — I remember that house. it was so wide they had to keep people from parking on majestic. the owner we moving it because it cost more to demolish it than simply relocate it. heh.
    denis, haha, well, i can think of at least one dj.. 😀

  4. “damn you davinator
    i cannot figure out this picture at all!
    explain pls.”
    ya, really!! every time i look at it, i actually feel all dizzy and up-side-down-like and i have to look away… and this was before i had any beer tonight! hehe 😉

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