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  1. It’s easier to think with your penis.
    I just felt that needed to be said. Of course if I followed that guideline my life would be a hell of a lot less complicated too.

  2. woah… when i read the title of your post, the L didn’t register and I thought you’d gone all porno…
    that being said… i believe you’ll be alright

  3. Davin hun there never is “one” right thing, there are only different options and whatever you choose Becomes the right thing for the simple reason that it’s what you decided to do, remember that, and just trust your instincts.

  4. unless you find out it was absolutely the wrong thing, in which case you resent yourself. Ever heard of a regret?
    There are certainly choices that are better than others, and you might choose different ones for a variety of reasons. The best thing to do is to learn from mistakes in making poor decisions. Much of life and the lives we live are based upon trial and error.
    Remember, Shit Happens.
    One of my biggest personal mantras is two-fold:
    Never have any regrets: a regret is something that occurs when you haven’t made the best out of a bad situation.
    It’s not the mistake that matters most, it’s the recovery.

  5. There is no right and wrong. They are subjective human constructs and so it’s useless to take someone else’s word as to what to make a vaule judgement on. I have never had issue with knowing what is right and wrong for that very reason. I create it and so it’s quite obvious to my own person, however, it seems to me that the difficulty lies in being able to decide to do something you feel is wrong, but which will lead you to a desired outcome in a more advantageous way than doing what you feel is right. In that situation it’s about consequences (as it is in all situations really) and it’s the decision making process which can be difficult, not deciding what is right or wrong. If you are honest with yourself, I believe it will be quite clear; still that doesn’t make the choice any easier (or perhaps it can), but it can make it clearer. When you make decisions while understanding the full consequences of your actions, it’s hard to feel regret.

  6. I honestly don’t believe in regrets. You may not want to ever make a choice like that again, but you made the one you did at the time that you did. You thought it was the best choice for you for some reason and therefore it was. If you constantly live doubting that you made the best choice at the time, how would you survive, you’d drive yourself crazy.
    I’m not saying that you can’t make choices that you later wonder what the hell you were thinking, but you have to have trust in yourself that you did it at that time because of something relevant. You can still learn from situations you wouldn’t want to repeat without calling them regrets. No one can know what would have happened if you’d decided differently, maybe what you think in retrospect would have been a better choice would have actually turned out way worse.
    My whole point is there is no way of knowing what might happen no matter how carefully you plan, so listen to your insticts and trust yourself and the choices you make, even if they don’t turn out the way you thought you wanted them too.
    **And this is not to say that you can justify something sick like abusing children by saying you felt like it was the right thing at the time, it applys to the consious healthy person only, not the mentally ill**

  7. I listen to my family and friends..they’re always right. Making decisions based on emotion has usually been wrong. The hardest lessons I’ve had were consequences I had from making decisions besed on what my heart told me.

  8. Davin, from the responses I’ve just read on your single sentenced post it seems to me that you have alot of friends who are very caring and want to help you in any way possible.
    I agree with most of the posts here, go with your heart, in the end, if it feels right then that’s what you should go with, but be logical with it.
    Don’t dream the dream if it isn’t real….
    Hope you’re doing okay..
    *big hugs*

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