specular coefficient

i don’t have “enough time” to do a proper update right now.. or maybe i do .. i am not sure.. all i do really know for certain is that there is a lot more going than i have time to write about. so it may be back to that point-form-blogging i was doing last week which was not very descriptive but at least it was informative. hmmm..

  • returned on the 7 am ferry from Vancouver this morning. there was fog everywhere. the ferry stopped for 45 minutes because of the fog. *snore*
  • the last two days in vancouver have been incredible. i have worked 12 extra hours this week, but i am not certain i will feel it until tonight during the radio show. i just had an hour long nap.
  • i ran into a bunch of people last night at atlantis in vancouver. lori the hifi princess was djing there, and we decided to check it out. glad we did.. lori rules.
  • i have brent’s celebration of life pictures to post. many of them. will see about posting them in a similar way to how narc/trippycam posted his on ravevictoria.com
  • peer mentorship groups are rad.
  • tonight is my last radio show for the foreseeable future. i will be performing a special dj set on resonance tonight at midnight on 101.9 FM. joining me will be the intrepid formulate.
  • i move in less than a week to work in vancouver.
  • carrie rocks!
  • oh man.. what am i going to play tonight?
  • i feel dizzy.
  • i don’t see how i could pull off many of my passions in vancouver without a vehicle
  • i have to pack!
  • we pulled off something amazing in vancouver on wednesday and thursday. we should all be proud of ourselves.
  • as much as i am looking forward to finally being a hermit, i also realize i get much of the inspiration that i use in design and music from being out and mobile. i wonder how this is going to translate in north vancouver with little mobility.

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  1. I think you may have the best of both worlds when you move. First you get the freshness of a new place, new people, different inspiration…
    But you are still so close to your “boyhood” home. When you go back on every third weekend (or whatever) it will be a reunion party.
    Some cities require a car and I think Vancouver is one of them. Or a giant green van?!?!

  2. I hope we can see more of each other once you move over here. You’d better call once you get settled, or if you need any help moving or cleaning or unpacking or any of that!

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