resonance: formulate & afk

here it is, my last show, but not resonance’s last show! i am happy to say that yoseff will be joining nickgurns for the next couple seasons of resonance and who knows what may happen from there!
featured track:

  • No Doubt – Its My Life [Seed vs. SCSI remix] (Unreleased)

featured Live PA / mix: Formulate

  • Formulate – Abbreviated Funk (Pacific Front Recordings – Unreleased)
  • Medway – Trauma [Formulate remix] (Unreleased)
  • Formulate – Rising Edge (Pacific Front Recordings – Unreleased)
  • Formulate – Johnny Brooklyn [Original mix] (Cure)
  • Formulate – Parrish North (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • AFK – Magnetic [Formulate remix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Formulate – Lonely In The Middle (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Formulate – The Voice of Qi (Pacific Front Recordings)

Featured mix: afk / ariz0na

  • Habersham – Leaving Tifton [Digital Witchcraft remix] (White Label)
  • Violet Vs. Mantronik – Burn the elastic (smile records)
  • Greece 2000 – Three Drives [Farmatronic Genetic Mix] (Hooj)
  • Tiebreaker – Prominence [AFK’s Mahseev Breaks mix]
  • Bjork – An echo, a stain [Luke Chable & Chris Gainer Mix] (White Label)
  • Landa – Music n’ Control (Selfish Recordings)
  • Quivver – Space Manoeuvres pt3 (BozBoz)
  • Madoka – Distant Memories [Matthew Dekay Mix] (PR Records)
  • Luke Chable presents Quest – The Shepherd (Vapour)
  • Scott Hardkiss Presents God Within – The Phoenix [Starecase Remix] (Dorigen Music)
  • Breeder – Tyrantanic [Ocean Wave Remix] (Rhythm Syndicate)
  • Mike Hiratzka & Justin Scott Dixon – Two Worlds (Propulsion Records)
  • AFK – Dance of the Minataur (CDR)

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