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  1. woe is me! I have no way of getting home that weekend for the hybrid and you show! Other than the fact that flights will cost me megabux ($140 and up one way), I have to be here to prepare for a conference in Singapore.
    Maybe Hybrid will be in South-east asia when I’m there a few days later? 😉

  2. I did. It was only a matter of time. And honestly, there isn’t a better fit in the city. Heck, even if I had that gig, I would say that Davin would do better and it would be better.
    Davin deserves this. It’s his time to shine.

  3. ya know, unless diggers or sasha have ever played hush, this is the biggest thing so far. oh, and hybrid’s coming too, which is also pretty special.

  4. dude… yer on the bill with one of yer heroes. that rules man. you are a self promoting genius !! i hope i can follow in your footsteps and get an opening slot with u2 or somebody like that.
    kick ass BoS !!

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