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my computer is kicking some ass these days. dual monitors are coming in handy in more and more ways.. i am recording vinyl directly into the computer so i can use the tracks in my upcoming proton radio mix, which i have been promising for some time. well, now i am doing it! if you know my previous proton radio featured artist mix, you know that this is a massive undertaking. a 3 hour cohesive mix. that is more than three times harder than mixing a simple mix cd. these proton mixes are huge undertakings for me, but i quite enjoy them. now that i have a tonne of material, and so do a lot of pacific front artists and potential pacific front artists, it is a great time to put together a mix to coincide with the music label launch. tracklistings. teasing. promoting. spreading the word, spreading the sound. ahh, marketing strategy. i love it.
by the way .. that also means.. if you have material that you would like me to consider for inclusion on the mix .. please contact me! new stuff == great!
today i had lunch with emrys who heads up rocket day, a design and arts company with bases across canada. we ended up talking electronic music almost the whole time, which was really cool. there is plenty to talk about in that regard, and with his travelling and the places he has lived, he has made some very interesting connections and now that he lives here on the west coast he wants to bring some of that talent out here. needless to say we had more to talk about than we had time for! good times, and i am glad we got a chance to meet and share stories.
after work, this evening, i met up with james roy, who did the rather stunning graphic design work for he brought bruce beil with him — the two of them did a rather awesome job of putting together the victoria electronic music festival this year, and from all accounts it was quite a success. we talked about how it went, what they did right and what they would like to change for next year. since their goal and vision is very similar to mine and nick’s vision for resonance, we of course had plenty to talk about. music, design, public relations, marketing, organization, production, dj’s, music labels, cross promotion, brand equity, etc etc. what a fabulous day!
i fixed the iPhoto library for good and i know exactly what to do in the future when any problem happens with the image database. yes!
i gotta go. pictures will be returning to the forefront of the blog soon.. there are a lot waiting and more to be taken..
listening to: Andy Moor and Adam White present Whiteroom – ‘The Whiteroom’.

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