ariz0na – The Rush

here it is, this is what i have been totally, completely and fully buzzed on. and if you have not heard any of the music i have composed and produced yet, there are two original AFK tracks on this mix CD. this mix was a tonne of fun to make and features several “impossible mixes”.. which sound *quite* cool. have a listen and i am sure you will agree..


  1. Fitalic – Realistic
  2. Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly (Madoka’s Flying Standby remix)
  3. James Holden – Solstice
  4. Pat Foosheen – The Unthinkable (Habersham’s Mah-sive remix)
  5. Steve May – Open Day (Luke Chable’s Quakes and Craters remix)
  6. Planisphere – Cubed
  7. AFK – Dreamcache
  8. DJ Gordon – Moonshine Boogie
  9. AFK – Magnetic
  10. Art of Noise via Brothers in Rhythm – Dreaming (Color Red)
  11. Invisible Inc. – Stars (Ambient mix)
Download: ariz0na – The Rush

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  1. I like how you worked solstice in there. Nice vision. It’s sweet how it trails on and on at the end.

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