wow is my printer ever a piece of junk. i just printed out the cover for friday’s resonance show and it looks like garbage. ladies and gentlemen, i have a lexmark Z33. i think you get what you pay for when it comes to lexmark. this printer was about $80 a few years ago. piece of junk.
by the way, my mac is still kicking ass.
other good purchase: the radium 61. oh yes, so good. talk about a great keyboard – midicontroller. tooooootally changed the way i make music. i guess i am no longer AFK.. yet i am. but i am not. but i am.
hey here’s a bit of weirdness: Softcell – Memorabilia (Starecase remix). Yeah, those guys from the 80’s got remixed by those guys from the late 90’s and now it is finally seeing the light of day, sort of. i have got it, at least.
i think i am going to play it at the valentines party i am playing this weekend. oh yeah, parrrrrrrrrrrrty! and it doesn’t conflict with my radio show. and my radio show doesn’t conflict with work anymore.
when i was 15, i didn’t think i would ever volunteer for anything. i didn’t get the concept. i thought, at the time, that working was simply something you had to do to get the things that (i thought at the time) are really important, like cars, clothes, and general bling-bling. volunteer? why would i do that? i needed to spend my time earning mad-cash-money! i worked at randy river, a place plagued by heinous management and an awful wage with insulting rates of commission. i also quit the job after a year and a half, knowing that i was to move onto bigger and better things. and so i did, and so i have. now i spend volunteer hours at the 101.9 FM on-air booth and i volunteer at the hospital. it feels good to be doing things with my time beyond work. i am helping people and padding my resume at the same time!
but.. i digress.
if anyone liked James Holden’s Balance CD, which pretty much everyone i know did, then you’ll love Luke Chable’s new tune .. Quest – The Shepherd. really smooth stuff, brilliant production. i also recommend his other new tune called “Melburn.” Luke also happens to be responsible for the rather large remix of PQM’s “You Are Sleeping” which is on CD 1 of that Balance compilation that Holden put together. i have much more music to recommend, but you’ll have to listen to the show tomorrow night to hear it. yes, i have lots lined up. yus!
i want to circulate an 11 x 17″ poster for resonance so that everyone knows that it’s on fridays at midnight now. we gave out quite a few of the hand-held flyers over the last year. they were good, but now i want to get storefront window posters because, with the new timeslot, it’s worth fussing over. i also want to get a real domain for the resonance website instead of or because they’re long and basically nonrelevant subdomains. of course, you could still use those previous URL’s but i’d like something that rolled off the tongue nicer.. like or but they’re both taken. so. ideas? suggestions?

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  1. aaaahahahaha..mucho good choonzos senior! Two things I can’t wait for:
    Tomorrow morning (12 AM) and Tomorrow night πŸ™‚
    And that last one is probably taken, Jim — tho I have to say I really haven’t checked, hehe.

  2. A few more sugguestions:
    Also, just an observation, but when you say Fridays from midnight to 3am, isn’t that actually Saturday? My initial take is that it is Friday night, but then after thinking about it I realize it is considered Saturday morning. Anyways, maybe you already discussed that and decided to say Fridays from midnight to 3am, but if not, I’m just bringing it up.
    Look forward to the radio show tonight.. er tomorrow morning… whatever! πŸ˜‰

  3. On that note, if you are going to be printing a bunch of flyers for Resonance, maybe saying “Friday nights – midnight to 3am” or “Saturday mornings – midnight to 3am” would be more clear?
    Or maybe I’m just being overly anal. Anyways, just trying to help! :p

  4. Graham,
    If your girlfriend told you to come over on Friday at midnight, would you show up at 1 minute past Thursday because it’s technically right? lol
    basically everyone understands friday night at midnight. in marketing terms, no one would have interest in a Saturday morning show. plus a lot of people consider the next day to begin after they wake up from sleeping the previous night.
    thanks for the suggestions peoples!

  5. Ah well, just thought it was worth bringing up. I know most people instinctively consider midnight the same day, but I wasn’t sure from a marketing stand point. Anyways, I’ve never had to promote something that started at midnight so I can’t say – just thought I’d mention it though.
    Btw, great Resonance show last Friday Davin. πŸ™‚

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