the makers of Audio HiJack thought it would be cool to insert a large amount of “noise” in recordings if the program hadn’t been registered (after a few hours). fine, but they don’t notify the user of this until after the program starts with the noise being added into the recording, and since one of the main features of the program is pre-set recording times, it’s really evil.
i just lost tonight’s resonance episode because of their registration tactics. i was going to pay them for their program, but the way they went about getting people to buy the program is rather hostile. so eff them, they don’t deserve my money. craig played an awesome set tonight and i can’t say that i have ever been happier with any of my breaks sets compare to tonight. it was spot on mixing and all the tracks went together just how i thought they would.
i am so happy to be on at night now.. the daytime was just wrong. 3 hours is probably enough, though i was at carly’s birthday party just before the show so that’s probably why i was tired by 4 AM. we had a bit of a jam at the end with adrian and neil, quasi random resonance stylee. erik was with us from the weather room. by this time craig and charles had already left and i was deleriously tired. it was hilarious. if Audio HiJack wasn’t so stupid, i would have a recording for everyone to listen to. we covered a lot.

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  1. i’ve got the real audio stream recorded, if you want it! I’ll just have to slice off the last hour, ’cause i thought you might go till 4.
    and what happened to you with audio hijack totally sucks. i guess i assumed you knew about the limitation and had already chosen to register. send a note to rogue amoeba ( — maybe they’ll see the trickery in their ways. for what it’s worth, scheduled recording was just added to the product recently, so maybe they haven’t realized exactly what kind of a bad first impression the static can lead to. really sorry to hear this; i registered nearly a year ago and it’s been a rock-solid product for me.

  2. Rock Solid, but it’s the registration tactics that have set a lot of people off — with good reason, too.

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