you only want that ’cause everyone else has it

well thanks to the superior advise of mr formulate, myself and angie got reason 2.5 working on her windoze machine. wasn’t hard at all either. yay!
i have no idea when we’ll have time to work on music together but i hope it is soon. i’d like to learn more about vocal processing and effects before working with such a qualified singer.
today i learned more about the people that work at the subway near work. i go there for lunch almost every day. mr formulate commented that i talk to everyone and it’s almost true. i don’t talk to people i don’t like. people that i don’t like sometimes talk to me, and that becomes awkward on a trace level, something i was talking to adam about yesterday. adam is someone that is regarded by a lot of people i know to be aloof.
i used to get flack for being aloof, but the truth was that i was unaware that anyone had interest in talking to me. usually it was because i was a dj that they wanted to talk to me. i would be minding my own business and someone would come up to me and say “you’re dj arizona!! yeah!!” and i would respond with “yeah.” and then turn my head and go back to the conversation or whatever that i was already involved in, and not come back to that person. i was slightly confused by the attention, but when people started noticing that i was irresponsive if i didn’t know them, they were the ones that were confused. i would meet people, promptly forget their names because the conversation would be about parties or DJ’s.
i never took the time to ask them about themselves.
there was no tangibility.
how was i supposed to remember them?
in any case.. it used to bother me when people would identify me as dj ariz0na and move on without saying anything else. these days i stop and start talking to whomever has initiated the conversation. it sounds like it takes more effort, but it actually takes a lot less effort and i am finding that i am remembering a lot more of the people i meet. so if any of my 5 readers that haven’t met me are going to meet me, bring a story with you.
i’ve got one for you, too.

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  1. Davin, if I don’t sense an immediate inkling of recognition when and if we someday meet, I’m going to give you a right arse-kicking.
    (This is a test to see if threats of implicit violence will work as well as personal stories.)
    Tee-hee. 😉

  2. yes! this is huge! thing is, i used to have the same problem remembering the names of people i met at clubs, and i could never figure out why (stop that snickering!).
    it was only about a year ago i finally realized that it was because i typically knew very little about these people, other than they liked the same music i did. by asking questions, not only can you remember a person’s name far more easily, but you can sometimes learn a lot, too. 🙂

  3. Oh I so know what you are talking about. The shift from small talk banter to interesting conversation isn’t always an easy one though. For a guy who talks a lot (me) sometimes I find myself with nothing to say. One hard part I find is when turning your attention to one person it means you are turning your attention away from someone else.
    You bring up an interesting point though, and have inspired me to try an be less aloof!

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