i just gotta say that james holden has made my morning. if you can find the james holden balance CD’s (it’s a 2 CD set) go and get it. utterly awesome, one of the best things i have heard in a long time.
it’s nice to have some great music to go with the productivity. perhaps the two are related.. i get inspired by music. all this thinking about luke chable (doesn’t have a website) and never mentioning it on my blog is really wrong. basically everything this guy has touched is gold. he’s sort of james holden-y and produces under the name Quest and sometimes his own name. but really, he kicks ass. and i am in the process of putting this new CD together and i am trying to figure out what the last track is gonna be and i keep coming back to Luke Chable tracks. really, that’s not bad, is it? the problem is that there are already 2 of Luke’s tracks on the CD. this is supposed to be a dj ariz0na mix cd, not a Luke Chable remix and production compilation!!! i think i’ll make one of those too. and a starecase one, and a hybrid one. would you like that? i would.
tomorrow i have a rather massive set prepared for resonance which is on at 3 pm on 101.9 FM. or click on the website for streaming audio directly from the station! there is word of recording capabilities directly at the station but right now it’s just a rumor. that would be optimal for recording the radio show, ’cause it would be a .wav file and i could splonk it directly to mp3 and transfer it over to our radio show website. that would be goodest. recording the show to minidisc and then recording it to computer means i triple the amount of time i spend on the show every week just so that people who don’t listen when its on can listen later. yeaaaaah right! listen to the show!!! 😛 seriously, i’d like to archive it though. that was my hope from the beginning.. so that i can listen to the show too 😉
anyways i am sure i have bored all of you to tears with my dj babble so i’ll talk about the victoria blog meetup tonight, 7 pm @ QV’s. come with your ideas for a victoria central blog site and we’ll jam over coffee!

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  1. HI Dav, I agree with your comments on music. I have been listening to this album by Fragile State. If you haven’t heard of them go out and get it. They play a sort of modern jazz meets techno…very nice

  2. It would have been interesting to come to that meetup, so I went to the meetup site and signed up. Any particular reason you chose the Movable Type meetup instead of the weblog meetup?

  3. It was nice to see you lastnight Davin!
    Oh, and about recording your show to minidisc and then uploading it… that might be something I can help you out with sometime soon, I’d totally be interested since i have access to a bunch of equipment here and would love to get a chance to play around with it more =)

  4. gfox: this was unrelated to any of the stuff, it is more of a startup and we’ll probably utilize’s weblog group in the future for our nerd gatherings 😉
    amanda: sweeeeeeeet!! that would be hella rad!

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