real email series: 001

From: Davin Givhan
Date: Wed Sep 17, 2003 6:01:26 PM America/Vancouver
Subject: I’m the real Davin!
Hahaha!! My name is Davin G. also but it’s Davin J. Givhan. I saw what you wrote on the guestbook of Davin James’ website. I’m 23 years old and I always told everyone that I was the only Davin on earth, because it’s very cool to have a name that no one’s ever seen or knows how to pronounce. I pronounce my name Dave-In, and if any other Davins pronounce it different it only makes my life harder. So I laughed when I saw that you wrote you were the real Davin, because I’m obviously the real Davin. But anyway what’s even more strange is that I play guitar just like Davin James does and I checked out your website and I guess you’re a musician too. hmmm… But my nationality is 50% African-American 50% Puerto Rican, where as Davin James is a southern outlaw who, according to the pictures on his site, displays his white-trashness by playing slide guitar with a can of bud light. Anyway I’m from Long Beach, California and I currently attend the California Institute of the Arts and I’m in a band called Stolen Babies.

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