photogroffee001: grasscore

this morning at 8 a.m., jim invited me, krishen, julie, aaron, neil, chrissie and rich over for coffee at his place, with a planned photo session to ensue. except we had only planned that we were going to do a photosession — we never determined where or what.
so, out came the dictionary. we randomly selected 5 words and then picked locations that went with those words, and off we went!!
the result was photogroffee001: grasscore.
tonight we’re hitting up the revamped oak bay rec swimming pool before krishen hops on a 6:30 a.m. flight to florida!

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  1. awesome awesome awesome pics, davin! i particularly liked: first pic of neil, “spindle,” “close,” “fire this way,” neil and green machine 1, “gurton, aaron, jim,” “davin, krishen, julie,” “aaron & davin,” and of course all those crazy shots of aaron accosting the tourists.
    grass corps is grasscore! w00t!

  2. cloudy days + black and white fotograffee = z0pec0re! Amazing pics!~! I yam kicking myself repeatedly though for not going out during the fog-in…. grrrrr…. Parliament Buildings woulda been a remarkable shot with it’s lights all fuzzed out and eirie looking. I won’t miss the next time, that’s for sure…. and I’ll call you too

  3. Wood. hehehe
    Oh Aaron, he so crazy.
    And to answer your question from a few days back, fragile state is relative;y new. I believe their album was released a year ago. Take care, and I am glad to hear that I will be hearing you 🙂

  4. I love that all of us could have such different perspectives on the same stuff, and yet every once in awhile the pics converge as we all get something (eg barrels) … neat stuff.
    It was a blast, good sir. We must do it up again sometime. 🙂

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