blogtoria update

there is a bit of a buzz going on right now about the blog victoria concept so i want to do an update so that everyone knows what’s up.

  • aaron has secured a domain name for the project.
  • lefty has agreed to do the hosting the website.
  • currently interested in getting more ideas of what people would visually like, ie: pictures of what?
  • site content: just a list of links? a “submit your victoria blog link” form? this would (probably) be database driven with an admin bit to approve links and put them into an alphabetically ordered list and new blogs to appear in a short “new blogs added” section.
  • news section: blog meet up stuff, site news (features wont all be added at the same time — we’ll be starting off with just a list of links)
  • RSS: if your site spews an rss feed like mine does, then we should be looking to have a recently updated section (not blogrolling) powered (in all likelihood) by a perl rss aggregator which would output to a page that has a bunch of exerpts from recently updated sites.
  • here is the trackback url for the blog victoria category if you would like to reference this subject from your own weblog: /cgi-bin/mt/mt-tb.cgi/819
    to specifically reference this post, link to this:
  • all blog victoria update posts will appear undernearth the search box on the right hand side of my blog’s main index until the project is pretty much done

at this time i would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has further ideas to leave a comment on this post. especially if you have skills you can lend to the project. this is just a working list — myself and jodie would like to get this site running before the end of the month!

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  1. Like I mentioned in the previous posts comments, I am willing to help provided it doesn’t require TOO much of my time ;). I can do HTML, perl, database junk, and various other coding and web development work if you need help in that area. It sounds like you got most of the ideas for the content and design of the site worked out already, my only other suggestion would be some sort of ‘blog of the week/day’ thing on the website where it randomly rotates through the blogs. Maybe some sort of voting to vote for favourites too.
    Also, if you haven’t thought of this already, there should be a bit more info about blogs when you post them onto the site. The usual link, name, description, but maybe some other info like ‘contains photographs’, or ‘contains some other feature’. If that sort of stuff is included from the start, it will make blog searching easy.
    So ya, let me know if you need any help, I’m willing, I just don’t have too much spare time to donate. Cheers, and good luck!

  2. blogtoria update

    I was going to go to the local gathering for some brain storming on blogtoria, but I was still too sick. However, I have now read
    here of the updates.:)
    Blog on!

  3. Hey Dav,
    All that I can really contribute is a whole bunch of support… I’m stoked about this project!
    I’ll be on the sidelines with pompoms, cheering madly.

  4. You might like to check out:
    For aggregating the BlogVictoria RSS feeds. It’s nice in that it’s javascript, and doesn’t need perl. (though I’m sure it’s not a prob for lefty)
    It could at least come in handy for other bloggers who’s hosts don’t offer perl.
    Do enough Victoria blog sites even utilize RSS?
    BTW: It’s a great idea!

  5. Hi Davin, Great idea! I only know some very basic HTML, but if there’s ever a chance of getting together as a group to learn more about how to put the site you’re proposing together — and in that way learn how to help with maintenance, administration, updating, etc. — let me know. Over at Hahvahd, they have a weekly webloggers meeting on Thursdays: : techies, newbies, journalist types, diarists, *anybody* can come and learn about blogs, RSS feeds, aggregators, & so on (here’s Dave Winer’s description, on the website: “The purpose: to explore blogging, answer questions, note problems, give demos, talk about new stuff, etc.”). Obviously, since I’m in Victoria and not in Massachusetts anymore, I’ve never gone to these meetings and still don’t know about RSS and all that (although my blog, has a feed), but these are interesting tools that I’d like to learn more about. How about weekly or bi-weekly meetings in the style of Harvard’s Thursday Night meetings?
    Semi-locally, there’s also Roland Tanglao ( in Vancouver, who seems really to be into connecting and linking from a techie & business standpoint (which I’m like totally clueless about), but if anyone here already knows him, he’d probably have an interesting angle for the implications of blogging & communities. Roland went to BloggerCon earlier this month, so he’s back in Vancouver fresh from a really big schmoozefest. I know that a while back he asked when our area was going to get its own Blogsisters-doing-it-for-themselves (see ).

  6. The link to Tanglao’s site doesn’t work because I didn’t leave a space btw the URL & the closing bracket — Davin, can you edit a space in, or else, if anyone wants to link, just don’t include the bracket in the URL. Thanks.

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