thanksgiving weekend

this is a bit of my weekend and a few of my pictures from it..

so this really starts last thursday. i am at a bird sanctuary that i found near shoreline elementary school.

i sense spiders.

i make my way back to the land from the dock that i stood on for a few minutes.

yeah. this place was mega ugly due to some development that somehow was allowed on this rather-otherwise interesting piece of land. it was brutal.
we went to go see Kill Bill on Friday with a bunch of people. by “we” i mean a whole bunch of people who aren’t me, plus me. really. we started off with some sociallizing at montana’s, the local red-neck eatery that sits in the parkling lot outside the theatre. really.

this is ria.

graham davis was there as well, who i had not seen in some time. cool to catch up, even cooler: he has a blog! look in the recommended section. he’s there.

walking to silvercity. cool: adam has a blog as well, as featured in the recommended section to the right. word to the motherbird.
sleep, wake up, catch ferry. i met up with julian in downtown van at a record shop.

we were hungry, so we stopped looking for records and started looking for food. julian likes the spicy food.

this d00d’s name is 2 a.m. he is a breaks dj from LA with rather good taste in music.
time passed. i went through the entire vinyl section of the Virgin Megastore. found the new fluke album on vinyl. elite. met up with one of my long lost friends from almost a decade ago, spider aka jennifer. one of the original #zero chix.

this is jennifer. the spider. met up and went for a couple drinks at milestones on robson.

jennifer models.

had some trashy food at a trashy granville street restaurant. afterwards, we wandered off into the downtown streets again, pausing to take pictures every now and then.

spider on granville street.

bright lights, (relatively) big city. look ma, no tripod.

what time is it?

it’s time to get ill. i like this shot. look ma, no tripod.

spider accompanied me to the seabus where i left for north vancouver to meet up with my oldest brother Anand..

we went to this supertrash bar called The Brit. everyone asked me if i was a licquor board inspector. because they had not seen me before.

we met up with Anand’s rather superb friend, Ruben. total d00d.

after that we headed to The Avalon where Anand works as a bartender. i talked to a bunch of people after the bar closed and they turned out to be almost entirely from nanaimo. they all knew ryan blunt, and said he’s going out with someone hot now. heheheheheh!! cool.
2 a.m. .. time to head to the birthday party we had been invited to almost 9 hours earlier.

met back up with julian at the house party. he’s a rather excellent dj and will be spinning at a certain hallowe’en party with me, braeden and freya.

yeah here is anand paying some sort of attention to the birthday girl. (dunno.) note the reaction after the flash went off (in red)

khan, another long time, long-distance buddy. he showed off his final scratch setup. i played on it for a bit, it works really really well. the future of djing.

it was really red down there.

i outlasted Anand. yus!!
yeah as if Anand didn’t have the right idea there. so we caught a cab and went back to Anand’s and slept for 4 or 5 hours before what I regarded as an Atomic Breakfast. it’s not as gross as it sounds. in fact, it is far yummier than that. it was spicy, it was hot, and it was just big. like a 6 course breakfast for 9 people. and also, Anand had a video on the explosions that occured when the US was doing nuclear weapons testing etc. Anand’s roommate Ryan, who oddly enough is a photographer, avoided the camera somehow and made us all a tonne of rad food. Anand supplied the video, Ryan supplied food, i supplied a lot of eating! anyway, it was time to go back to victoria.

chris hughes

kim tran
kim and chris gave me a ride home in their new van. from Anand’s to my doorstep. not bad, not bad i say. mad props, chris and kim. maaad props. i got in at about 5 pm. went to sleep at 5:30ish pm, got up at 9:30 a.m. the next day. yes, i got 16 hours of sleep. i woke up and it was my mom’s birthday. woo!
so, how was your weekend?

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  1. krishen, thanks.. yeah he is elusive 🙂
    amanday, thank you! and glad to hear it. you’ll be in my recommended list. i’m lucky to have such a big one! ha ha. uh.

  2. Looks like you had a blast.
    Mysterious all hallow’s eve party massiveness! Me is definitely intrigued 😉

  3. I like the ‘vanalley’ pic as well, nice work.
    My ears have also been perked by this party on the eve of hallows.
    (plus when clicking a url in your comment window it opens inside this same non-sizable pane)

  4. neil: yes, a blast was hizzad. intriguing, yes!
    jim: spiders make me jealous too. i want to have 8 legs.
    amanday: that makes this a bit of a rarity then! hmm!
    gurton: thank you, that’s my fav. of the bunch. thanks for pointing out the link issue, it has been resolved. 🙂

  5. how did you get that very faint image of a person to overlap with anand’s head in the picture where you mention he’s ‘paying some sort of attention to the birthday girl’? is it a function of you camera or something?

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