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  1. yes davin, that was an amazing set you spun:) From the looks of everyone’s faces while we were all dacing like crazy people, they seemed to think it was pretty amazing too:) I also have to say, I appreciate the effort everyone who worked on getting that party going! and the owners of the acreage have my gratitude as well:)

  2. You sick bastard, you kicked some serious ass at the party today. Dude if you have a track listing, please share. Some of the music you played was simply stunning.
    email me ass,
    I also took a few videos of your set.
    remember, Sundays are all about the booze!!!
    **gone drinkin’**

  3. Davin,the energy you spun out of those turntables and through those speakers was inspiring.The effort you put into your spinning is very much appreciated.YOU BLEW IT UP!

  4. Davin, That was a great set you played, well done. You’re improvement is impressive. The only thing bigger than you was shamis’ dance moves.

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