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  1. I am the red eye king heh. that party had an amazing atmosphere. The cups were just one small (albeit really cool) part of the whole area. I had a really good time.

  2. Hi Davin! First, I just got my postcard in the mail yesterday Hooray! Thanks! I owe you some photos.
    Second, I just have to say that these new pics are incredible. You capture the sweet vibe of this party perfectly. It looks like the sort of show you’d never want to end, and I’m entirely jealous.
    Wow, I think I’ve just noticed the starkest difference between your party photos and party photos from my town. Everyone in your photos looks so… normal. It’s great! People are wearing t-shirts, jeans, jerseys — and they’re wearing them correctly! Nobody’s jeans are unbuttoned and rolled down to show off a trashy thong, nobody’s boob-busting halter top is straining at the seams, taunting the neighboring group of drunken frat boys who are waiting to cop a feel during an uninvited booty-grind… Nope, just a friendly group of people, feeling the music and having fun. That’s the way it should be. What bliss!
    When can I come up for a show? I’m sick of the clubs down here, with all their nasty-as-I-wanna-be hip-hop crap. Every show I go to looks like a cosmetic surgery alumni ball held at Mardi Gras. Freaks, I tell you, FREEEEAKS!!!

  3. Thanks to you Davin. Very much the music that brought me to a party in the first place. You had us dancing in the palm of your hand.

  4. YES! davin that was by far (and beyond) the best set i’ve ever heard you play. you took me away to places i have never been to before! nice nice NICE one! *hugekissforyou*
    (mmm…yes i’m suppose to be in george, wa, right now. don’t tell anyone i’m home.)

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