union st.

here’s a picture of kyrsten and james. i used to live with james on union st. many moons ago. now i randomly bump into him on the street or in coffee shops etc, which is too bad ’cause he’s quite The Cool Guy.
nathan also used to live at the union house, he who which i make music with now. we haven’t done a lot in terms of making music, but we have been planning and honing our craft over the last year so that the creative process wont be stagnated by a learning curve.
my cousin kim used to live at the union house, and natalie too, who is supposedly back in victoria now after being in whistler for a couple years. she used to work at the mac’s at craigflower and admirals, which is where i now go to get sandwiches for lunch. they have a subway in there.
brad also used to live in the union house. now he’s married and has a kid. whoah! congrats brad!
i got my dad a basketball for fathers day. we’re now going to go play up at the gordon head courts. it’s been yeeeeeeeeeears since i’ve played basketball and i’m looking forward to playing more again.. lately, in the last couple years, i have been playing more and more sports again. i forgot, in my adolesence, that sports were very satisfying and fun. i am remembering this now .. now when i am back into design and now when things are seeming to fall into place.

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