You are a banana! Good job, captain obvious.
which rejected character are you?
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okay. well you know, there’s useful quizzes and then not-so-useful quizzes. this one falls into the category of completely useless quizzes, but i recommend you take it for the same purposes as you take all the other quizzes: to find out more about yourself. i had no idea i was a banana. i have no idea what the significance of being a banana-captain-obvious is but at least i could post it on my blog and show you all. not only this, but you get to rate the quiz. man, i am giving this one a 5.
i value knowing i am a banana so much. thank you, quizilla!
now the question is .. rejected characters for what? well, the author of the quiz didn’t leave much of a story for us to read on this one. so, while i was seeking an answer from the quiz, i ended up with an answer and another question! a question with no answer!
update: rejected!

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  1. I’m a bleeding anus-cloud.
    WHAT-t-f is _that_?! (more emphasis than Jim)
    next time I’m not picking anything that has to do with random airplane noises.

  2. Haven’t you guys seen the Spike and Mikes sick and twisted animation festival? There are a series of line drawn cartoons on there and all of them together are entitled ‘Rejected Characters’. They feature all of these characters. Funny, funny stuff. I am actually looking for the creators name so I could maybe download a movie of the animations. You should go watch the cartoons if you have not seen them.

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