vanilla ice & maestro fresh wes

listen up ’cause the ice man has something to say..
tonight i witnessed vanilla ice and maestro fresh wes turn legends upside down. which .. would make it the sticky wicket. but it wasn’t. although some people that i know that work at the sticky wicket ended up in legends. so, maybe i meant to say they turned the strathcona hotel upside down. yeah. that’s it.
before continuing, be advised that there is some content in this post that may offend some viewers sensibilities.

that being said .. maybe i should start at the beginning..

$22 to go back in time .. not a bad deal!

i asked degree one if he had changed his name to dj spence diamond .. but no, he was called in as a replacement for the AWOL jeweller a few hours before the show. he opened up the show and spun some hip hop to get things moving.

maestro fresh wes was on next and he put on a great show.

let your back bone slide fool!

so here it is, this is it. tonight i met another davin, for the first time ever. he’s also a dj, in fact he is maestro fresh wes’s dj!

legends is basically a basement with lighting and maaaaaaaaaaassive sound.

marshall aka dj stallion doing the radio business

and, of course, vanilla ice in effect with his sidekick mc, rot. i think that’s what he said his name was.

here is rot again. rotting.

the crowd stares in amazement as vanilla ice starts to hover above the ground during his final rap soliloquy!

this is what vanilla ice thinks of your sensibilities!
tonight was good times. i shot a bunch of videos and man are some of them funny. people say some wack things back stage.

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  1. But do you think he knows he’s his own best charicature? A satirical anachronism? Prolly he does, and is willing to continue burning his dignity in the name of mad blangers.

  2. i saw vanilla ice at ft lauderdale airport flying to LA 2 days ago some people say robert lives on golden beach in north Miami some say Davie
    i know he owns broward motor sports
    i have seen him several times in ft lauderdale

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