hybrid interview #2

hybrid shirts do exist..
i didn’t have a blog last time i interviewed Hybrid, but if i did, that entry would have been very interesting. in any case, it looks like i have an interview with the boys from Hybrid on friday night before their show in Vancouver. I’ll be doing the first show of Resonance on 101.9 FM on friday afternoon at 3 pm – 4 pm PST and then going straight to the ferries to walk on to the 5 pm ferry. Then we’ll likely take a bus into town (PCL mayhaps) and go from there.
for those of you who know who Hybrid is, i’m putting together a list of questions for the interview now. if you have any questions you’d want to ask Hybrid yourself, put them in the comments section and i may ask them for you!

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  1. As I have been wont to say, spontaneously and quite loudly since first hearing the news: “COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!”
    I’m sure I can come up with a question or two…
    *wanders off to ponder..”

  2. It’s rumoured that Lee Mullin used to be a part of Hybrid. I know because I saw him on the cover of M8 Magazine once with you two guys and it said he was a member. The question is, is Lee still a part of Hybrid and has he worked on anything on the new album? If not, are there plans to keep working with him or is he now off doing his own thing?

  3. why does every breaks producer out there insist on fiddling with stutter edits? i mean there are some tunes with bad-ass editing out there, but then there’s tunes like bt’s new somnambulist that has 6100 edits!!! Ridiculous!!
    as for a real question maybe ask them what they’re take on the old hardware vs software in teh studio and maybe also ask them what some of their most memorable show’s have been?
    or what they listen to for inspiration or when chilling out etc.

  4. ask them what their favourite colour is. oh! and what their favourite food is too. yah! great questions.

  5. ugh i’ve been trying to figure out WHERE they’re playing. can you tell me?
    that’s not a question for them, btw.. that’s a question for you, davin. 🙂

  6. Davin,….. hmmmmm, i have friday off all day and planned to take my car to Wankouver…..soooooooooo, you should mebbe call me and i could pick you up at cfuv? 472-3091

  7. Hybrid,
    Your music is so complex…How do you build your music? Where do you start and how does it all come about?

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