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  1. Hey Davin, it’s me again. I really enjoy seeing all your photos, they’re so rich and vibrant I hope you’ll keep shooting and sharing as often as possible. I’ve got a question for you about your gear, though.
    You shoot with a Canon G2, yes? Right now I’m looking to buy a camera, and I’ve narrowed my choices to the Canon G3 and the Canon S45. I’ve looked at sample photos, seen sample video, read all the technical specs until my head hurts, and in the end I can’t decide which is more important, versatility or size.
    Canon G3: Ability to change lenses/filters allows more versatility and results in higher-quality photos.
    Canon S45: Smaller size will increase the “take-along” likelihood and result in more photos.
    I’ll admit that the photo quality of both cams are incredibly close (and both are 4mp,) so I’ll ask this; do you ever use the lens adapters made for the G2? Do you find that the size of the G2 has made you less likely to throw it in your bag and take it along with you? Do you ever wish you had a smaller/sturdier/cheaper camera?
    I love taking my camera everywhere; hikes, camping, bike races, kayaking, you name it. I’m not careless with my gear, but I’d hate for my photo-taking enthusiasm to be hindered by an overly fragile or bulky camera. I’m curious to hear how you’ve gotten on with yours.

  2. Sim.. thanks for the kind comments!!
    As for size, it’s perfect. I have a nice lowepro camera case that i’ll post a picture of some time, it keeps the camera safe. i’ve taken it just about everywhere with me. even rockclimbing! again with the size, it’s a nice piece to hold on to. the smaller cameras are more prone to shakey hands and thus blurrier images. well, that depends on how much coffee you drink too.
    hope this helps!

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