i’m going for a drive

you know .. having an antenna is great and all, but..
last night jim and I went for a Trance Drive. you know, the kind where you bring your most massive choons and drive to get away from the city, away from everything familiar except the car, a friend, and your camera (of course!)

weirdness at 69 km away from victoria!
we ended up just beyond jordan river, where it was daaaaaaark and somewhat gloomy, as jordan river can be at night. at that time, i was hungry and i decided that port renfrew was not something i was stoked about, so we turned aboot and went back to victoria .. well, in the victoria direction, at least.

they tooooooooootally spelled blog wrong here..
we ended up on top of mt. matheson and saw some jagged looking haus. no pictures from there, as the view was blocked by trees and new development. dough.
unrelated things i have to mention:

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  1. Oh my GAWD, I am groovin on those Kube sets! Wow, another good reason to move to Victoria. 😉
    But hey, is this a soundboard recording? I appreciate that they posted it at such a high kbps/khz, but the sound quality of the recording itself isn’t the sharpest. Is there anything you can tweak in the club to keep it from sounding so blown out? Just wonderin.

  2. Hmmm… Maybe it’s just Freya’s set. Bedlam sounds pretty clean.
    She probably had the levels bumpin’ by the end of the night, right? 😉

  3. Did you know that a man murdered his wife on Cecil Blogg drive? I shit you not. He put her head in a garbage bag and shoved it into a ditch. My mom had a hell of a time selling their house afterwards.

  4. … especially funny since Cecil Blogg Dr. is only, like, six houses long. It’s not like it’s a huge metropolitan street where lots of things happen all the time anyway. It’s pure strangeness. And Cecil was a real guy.

  5. jingle pot road!! alriiiiight! intersects with the highway 3 times!!!!!!!!
    and yeah the recording went all wack during freya’s set for some crezzy reason.

  6. Well I’m in Red Deer visiting the girl, wrastling bulls and loosing money on what came first; the chicken or the egg. Just thought I’d give you a hey how ya doing. I need to expand my trance library, and start straying away from Tiesto and the crew. Any suggestions? Looking forward to Cranny, the Rockies, and I’ll be workign with Kathryn G for one more go.
    Keep in tough

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