justin and emmy at the gonzales hill sc00ter massive. oh man, scootering just ruled today.

eckford perched on gonzales hill, representing what victoria does to the straight of juan de fuca.
we started downtown of course, then drove through beacon hill park and down to Clover Point. from there we went up gonzales hill and down beach drive to Gyro Park. we hung there for a few moments, stared at the oGoPoGo and then went up mt. tolmie and then into town again after beeping through oak bay. sweet. we dropped by jims for a few moments and then turned the scooters in after 2 hours of riding. man! 2 hours went fast. i am taking a jacket next time i go. a hawaiian shirt over a t-shirt just ain’t enough. i was frozen afterwards.

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  1. sc00t massive!!!
    I’m a sc00t convert. I will now have go and purchase myself one of these hot little devils, and have permanent helmet-head for the rest of the summer. Ultimate w00tage! Can’t wait for the Saltspring Summer Sc00t Tour Massive!! 😀

  2. Coming up on four sc00tin’ crazies, I wondered if it might be you. Craziness. What were the odds? 🙂 Glad to hear it was fun.
    If you’re thinking of buying a scooter, perhaps consider a motorcycle. They’re both more dangerous than a car, but the bike has more visibility and the power to vroom out of danger. Of course, along with that comes the power to do stupid fast things too. On a scooter, you’re bound to safer speeds which isn’t such a bad thing.
    Be safe.

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