jim’s picture of me at julie’s last summer.. mmmmmmmm sushi
it better not rain tomorrow. i am going scootauring with emmy and just(in) and then i have plans to play tennis with emily (not emmy, tim). i just sent jim a link to a picture in my website museum. so far i have 2 sites in there:
dj ariz0na and really good music
i’m looking through old photos with jim now from .. last summer. i am really looking forward to everything this summer, from parties to just being out in the sun. i am especially looking foward to hitting up the Sooke Potholes. lots. take notice, those of you who want to come but don’t yet have anything to swim in, you have plenty of time if you start now. wooooooooooooooooooooo!

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  1. i was looking at that picture today too! and i laughed! you are such a cutie! did jim send you the one of you and i talking at that party? it’s hilarious. and david, tammie, and gerry are dancing in the background. that was a fun party. you and i had an *awesome* chat that night.
    oh davin, i do love you!
    i am excited for summer already too. last summer i couldn’t possibly imagine a better one, but methinks this one might actually be a contender. weeeeee! i’m in on the potholes, fer shure. and soon i will be planning an afternoon picnic/potluck with the kru at witty’s. that would be sweet. oh yeah.
    see you tomorrow night on the dance floor. 🙂

  2. julie, oh man .. that picture is sweet. so many possible captions. haha 🙂 sweet, oh yeah! lets do the picnic / potluck kru thang!
    gurton, are you inviting us to your cabin? sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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