kube: freya

freya spins for The People at kube.
i arrived a bit late at kube last night, but i got there to have enough time to fire off about 270 shots. it was not packed in sugar, which is preferable to the promoters, but not to me. there was a decent kroud though, and everybody appeared to be having a great time. people had that look on their face and attitude that folks get when they’re in on something. in this case, these are the early adaptors of clubland in victoria and they’ve found the latest and greatest.

if you’ve talked to me before about kube, you’ve probably heard me mention that the visuals are tops at kube. yes, they are.

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  1. wow, i love the photo of me and drew. and the one of freya.
    last night was k-rad elite, davin. was great seeing the crew again.
    ps: sorry i didn’t call you today.. i woke up late and then had family things to do.

  2. hey davin, glad to have you back in town. yoseff told me that you moved back down to vic. sorry i didn’t talk to you last night. i wasn’t trying to be like, douchebag-ish or anything [hi jim! if you read this:)]

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