i moved it

no folks, i don’t think it gets any more flattering than this.
i moved the entire users directory on my robot from saturn to jupiter. booyah!
the directions i got from krishen pointed me in the right direction, but i got what i really needed from the forums on osxfaq.com in the form of the ditto command. [censored] zope!
i can go to sleep knowing that there’s another 11 gigs free on the drive that hosts this here site. krishen: check out davin.ws/~krishen/ .. some of the links work, some do not? anyway let me know that your stuff is working and i’ll trizzash the saturn dir dupe.
thanks to the 1 person out of the 314 visitors to this site yesterday that voted for this site on photoblogs.com. you roooooooooooooool!

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  1. hey davin — don’t worry about the broekn links, they were broken before you moved things. actually i just threw a few of the pages up there one day to show someone and never got all of ’em up. maybe i should fix that. yeah. 🙂 (thanks for checking by the way).
    congrats on moving the users folders! not an intuitive thing by any means, but not too bad once you’ve seen how it works either. that osxfaq.com page is waaay easier to understand than the macosxhints.com links i posted earlier. the people there seem really nice, too!

  2. I know who the handsome devil is 😉
    and I LOVE the blog. Took me a bit to find it. I’m guessing that was the point. 🙂

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