oh four one two two oh oh three

they had firepoi goin’ on outside of sugar last night. pretty cool man!
krishen coined a new phrase today.
kru + kube = krube!
i slept for 12 hours last night. i guess i needed to. woah!
i have not been eating as well since i got back to victoria. weird, yeah. sounds strange. but it’s true. i also have not been getting as much physical activity. i thought it was gonnna be like “aiiiiight who do I want to play tennis with today” but everyone’s busy or not home or doing something else or doesn’t have a tennis racquet. we went to oak bay rec the other night to go for a swim. it was closed for renovations. dough. there is no where to go late night swimming here in victoria right now. i think the latest is like 11 pm at gordon head rec. weak sauce, weak sauce.
i think i miss work. i definitely miss all the people i was working with. i was out last night and i .. i don’t know. i think i was waiting for them to show up or something. i wasn’t, but you know what i mean. strange. if you guys and girls that i worked with are reading this, i miss you! ah, now would be a good time to post some pix from near the end of term and the party!
here we go:

jan at lunch break in port alberni

all the shots at work were taken during break .. except this one. jordan never took breaks. just kidding. maybe.

juliana tells great tales of the night life in campbell river



crazy me and crazy chelsea


mike the überstud

geoff, lea and kathryn

gaby and jan. love the hell-vetica shirt.

erin and paula

kristine telling matt ed a story. or maybe it’s matt ed telling kristine a story. hmm, i am not sure that there was a story there actually. i think it was more
like “is davin done taking pictures yet?” yeah, i think that is what it was.

yes, i was done. someone else’s turn to take pictures!

matt em listening intently at lea and kathryn’s potluck

evdo scottmo gallo!!!

julie cruise, looking very concerned about the eta of her next drink

thats not cool! lea, erin and jesse


if you didn’t see yourself in the other pictures.. you should be in this one! and if you’re not .. then why aren’t you??!!

emily and I (in reverse order.. but this way its gramatically correct, right?)
so, i must get some excercise in today. maybe i’ll start cycling. you know, not on one of those stationary bikes. on one that moves. yeah, nobody will be able to find me, but that’s okay because everyone is busy. that’s not as self-pitiful as it sounds. it’s just something you can do if no one needs to get ahold of you. word. ooh and mountain climbing. i think i will climb mt. doug today and take pix of stuff. i need to eat proper first though.

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  1. nice pics! all you guys have shirts with cool things on them!!! particularly mad props to jan for his.
    and ps it’s perfectly legal to say “me and em” instead of “em and I”. me thinks anyway.

  2. you know Davin, im completely agree. all I wanted to do was to get outta Nanaimo. Now that I’m in vic, yes, it’s great but I miss everyone from work and the good & random times we had, and the busyness of evryone else (exams) is evident.
    and no… my picture was not amongst those shown. i was forgotten. or perhaps it was because i came down with the flu and missed out on a great party. boo ya. i think thats it. we should do some physical activity Davin. im getting fit. thats about the only thing i do these days. im looking to buy a cheap but cool bicycle, then we should go cycling. well, im outtie. later

  3. Hey Davin
    cycling I can definitely recommend, especially during the summer, provided you have an okay bike and a good helmet (you never know about those car drivers)! But since cycling in the rain sucks (it also wrecks your bike really fast), I have come to the conclusion that going to the gym is really good for consistency and predictability. That doesn’t make it any less boring and un-scenic but oh well…..
    cheers from upstate New York

  4. Here’s a quick dissertation on the grammar thing:
    Whether you use ‘me’ or ‘I’ depends on it’s position in the sentence. If it’s a subject, use ‘I’; if it’s an object, use ‘me’.
    Emily and I pose for a photo. <– correct
    I and Emily pose for a photo. <– correct
    Emily and me pose for a photo. <– wrong
    This is a photo of me and Emily. <– correct
    This is a photo of Emily and I. <– wrong
    This is Emily and I. <– correct
    This is I and Emily. <– correct
    This is me and Emily. <– wrong
    The people in the photo should probably make up the subject of the sentence, since you are telling us who they are. The closest case is (3) nd it is best then to use “Emily and I”, or “I and Emily”, not “Me and Emily”.
    Well, there you have much more on the subject than you all probably cared to know. 🙂

  5. Hey Davman,
    Some pretty nice pictures if i do say so. Where do i find the movies?? For example the music trivia movie??
    Miss Nanaimo yet?

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