long day at work

the backyard at work.
for whatever reason, days that start around 11 a.m. tend to just take longer than days that start earlier. i think i like sleeping in, though lately i am not so happy about sleeping extra time in the morning. it was a nice day though — we had tunes blasting in the warehouse and we took care of business.
last night i met up with greg. we drove aimlessly around nanaimo, driving up streets i had never seen before. after a while we started to find coffee shops. we had aimed to go for coffee, but in nanaimo, after 10 pm, that’s a hard thing to accomplish. we probably drove for about an hour and a half before settling on a place that sells coffee but isn’t a coffee shop.
greg lives in a house with a bunch of roommates [such as p-dawg]. by house i mean.. you know, one of those houses. the ones that everyone who has been there before would refer to as The House, being amongst an elite few which deserve such a title. this particular The House used to have a hole in the wall in one of the [now] bedrooms, through which you could see the outside world. it has been covered up, but, aww yeah, this is The House in nanaimo.

looking across cameron lake. tomorrow i work in port alberni. i enjoy the drive there as it is pretty scenic. in fact, the next 3 days i will be in port alberni for work. i’ll be driving back and forth each day, but that’s cool with me!

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  1. i love the lakes like that you find on the island. i sometimes forget we’ve got mountains rising out of water here.
    gawd, i only just noticed you dropped your caps. cool.

  2. i had a house like The House, but we called it the Hobbs Street Hostel. the nice thing about all sorts of people “living” in that house was the fact that they always brought stuff over for everyone. cheesecake with raspberries, bread and specialty cheeses, beer, mary jane, coffees, music, etc. etc. mmm…sometimes i miss that house. it had such good energy with all those rad peoples.

  3. jim: what is even cooler is that apparently they still have not found the bottom of that lake. it’s pretty deep!
    julie: is hobbs street in victoria? sounds like it was super nice!

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