sand on the beach at goose spit, comox
when you read a blog, you are reading [sometimes] some pretty detailed part(s) of a persons life. you can get a pretty good look at someone this way, and get a good angle on someone without even so much as ever meeting them.
same with any face to face conversation, although it is a lot easier to spin a one-on-one conversation in any direction that you are interested in to learn more about the person you are talking to.
i can only say i know a handful of people in this world, and i am acquainted with many. i know of many people. i know only a few. i am not sure how many people think they know me. i know i have revealed different parts of my personality to some people and definitely not to most people.

goose spit, just outside of comox. sounds gross, but it’s quite a nice place.
how long does it take you to say that you know a person? what happens first before you can say you know someone? are you surprised by anything they do? what areas of their life do you uncover before you can say this? do you sometimes realize after quite a bit of time that you actually know a given person? what does knowing them mean to you? is it a pidgeonhole term? do you like to be known or do you prefer to remain without details?
i guess i should answer my own questionaire here:

  • usually several years. uncommonly less.
  • if i know them, only truly special events would surprise me.. everything else would be in character
  • interests, goals, umm .. not sure what else.
  • yes. it became apparent to me within the last year that i know someone quite well. much better than i know most people. maybe better than i know myself.
  • it’s nice to know someone. it means quite a bit, but i am not certain i have the words right now to say what it means.
  • for some people, i think “knowing someone” is close to pigeonholing them. maybe it is for me, but i try for it not to be. when someone that i know does something out of character, it does not mean that i don’t believe it is possible. i do not think i answered my question. guh!
  • i don’t mind being known. i am not sure exactly what integral parts to me there is to know though. i mean .. that depends on who you are.


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  1. 1) I am mysterious, and prefer night to day.
    2) Nobody really knows me, as I’m not talkative enough.
    3) I have many acquaintances.
    4) All my friends think I’m crazy, but in a Good way.
    5) I don’t even *Know* my best friend, who I haven’t seen in months.
    6) All I really Know, after 10-ish years, is his tendencies and general mindset.
    7) The more I think about it, the more I feel as though I do not know my self at all. I’m working on that.
    Corollary: I have a very small circle of people that I actually Know, as much as that is possible. Maybe it’s more like a square, or a triangle, but circle sounds cooler.
    Afterthought: Pidgeonhole is a FunnyWord.

  2. thing I DO Know is that this live Hybrid set off DAT from Romania (15-02-2003) is really good.

  3. i like to be known.. but you know that, davin. the problem is that a lot of people think they know me and really don’t. except you. heheh.
    it takes me a while to get to know people.. and i can certainly be surprised by things they do. i try hard not to assume things about people.. even ones that i think i know well.
    ps: i have a new blog. go me. 😉

  4. hmm. I think when you meet someone, and perhaps for the first while, you DO pigeonhole them. It’s not until you get to know them as individulas they literally outgrow the slot you’ve stuck them in. Like Jim The Photographer. There’s a guy with facets.
    Haha! And YOU, the gamer at Gnu World Games! Haaha! Totally forgot about that. There’s a pigeonhole we definitely outgrew for each other.

  5. Who was the name of the jolly, festively plump sales clerk guy who was always there? He always knew me by my “Hey, I want (x) amount of booster packs” attitude when I walked in.
    I got some good cards from that place ! =D

  6. I’m really interested in getting in contact with Shannon from GNU World Games. I’ve been trying to get in contact with him for a long time now. Probably a little over a year. If you have any information that would help me out please send it my way. My e-mail address is and I will definitely appreciate any help I can get.

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