i saw a bird

this bird is safe.. but am i?
i saw a bird get killed today. i am not sure if the following makes me a morbid person.. but i have seen many birds almost get hit by cars and just narrowly escape. i had always wanted to see the bird get hit, but now that i have seen it, i really wish i had not. it was a car ahead of us that hit the bird and it was really blindsided by the vehicles tires. yuck. i will spare you the image — it was disgusting and it was just awful to see.
i think people are morbid in theory, but when it comes down to reality, it is a different story.
otherwise it has been great, again, to be in victoria. it is such a pretty city in the spring, and as one columnist put it, it is the only place in canada enjoying spring in winter. it is so true. there are blossoms everywhere.
anyway, back to nanaimo. i have not seen any blossoms there yet.. it’s amazing what an hour and a half of driving will do or wont do for your surroundings. nanaimo definitely has a different climate than victoria.

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