clap not!

i went by the olde radio station this morning to see angie sing. she did a duet first with a nice fellow named ken lavigne (sp?) and then a solo. this was in the name of fundraising for santa’s anonymous, a charity dedicated to feeding hungry families in the winter time, as well as giving toys to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be receiving presents this holiday season.

my friend steve works at cfax now and works the board regularly. here you can see him making a “dj face” while “working the mixer.” i think that’s the face dj’s make when they can’t really hear their own mix and hope it’s coming out alright. haha! steve controls the levels from the seacoast sound studio and puts them on the air. steve has been listening to cfax for a very long time and it’s really cool that he works there now. cfax was the station that steve, myself and matt were listening to during The Blizzard of 96 when we were stranded together at steve’s parent’s place.

steve receives the seacoast sound studio output from this digital mixing board. this board is in a soundproof room adjacent to the main studio room. it’s down the hall from steve. looks expensive, doesn’t it? it sure is. this mixes down the microphones, piano, etc from the main studio room.

the digital mixing board receives sound from this room here. that’s the back of angie’s head. i took a bunch of pictures this morning but i didn’t really get into moving around and getting good shots because i didn’t want to interfere with the performance. this room is very quiet if no one is singing or playing piano or talking or moving stuff around. if i made noise from shuffling around, everyone in radioland would hear it and it would show up in the recording, if they are keeping it.

steve says “hey, it’s easy.. look! no hands!”
this reminds me.. now that i have a digital camera, there’s a project that me and steve were talking about doing some time ago. it would be cool if we did it.

angie’s a pretty amazing singer, i have to say, after seeing her sing this morning. i had to refrain from clapping because we were on the air, and one person clapping would sounds lame. haha. i re-met a bunch of the cfax staff today. some said “i’ve met you before somewhere haven’t i..?” others, like mel cooper, recognized me right away.

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