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and so, last night at chlorine was probably the quietest it has ever been. it was rad to hang out with ria, colin, julie, jim, yoseff, christoph and brent, but we were pretty much the only ones there. it’s nice to hang out with friends, to be certain.

i liken working the door of chlorine to being a lighthouse. i mean, you see the traffic, or the traffic sees you, but there usually isn’t much of it and it comes few and far between. time goes by slowly.

christoph, the winner of the hush dj challenge, won a roland 808 for his efforts. he was headlining chlorine on this monday night and played a great set of upbeat tribal prog with a bit of funk added in. enjoyable set for sure, i just wish more people could’ve heard it. man, i really miss my radio show at this point.
playing records is fun, and there is an art to it that is very satisfying. it’s exponentially more satisfying when there are people there to enjoy it though. mondays just don’t seem to be where it is at.

maybe it’s because everyone’s asleep on monday nights. i figure that time or day is as important as location when it comes to clubs. if you’re in the boonies, you’re not going to get many people coming out to your club. if you’re on monday nights, same thing. mondays are the boonies of the week. we’ve asked for a chance to do chlorine on any other given night of the week but apparently it just wont work on any other night. it’s not working on this night either.

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