work was a blast today. we took tonnnnes of pictures and worked on a mega powerpoint presentation.
i am going to go to ben’s place and we’re going to spin records. we usually shoutcast, so if that happens i’ll be posting the url here in about half an hour. πŸ™‚
later tonight i’m going to go see 8 mile. i don’t really have any idea how this movie got 4 stars in the local paper, but i guess that makes it worth checking out, just to see what all the hubbub is aboot.

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  1. that picture says so much to me. none of it true. a movie scene, it’s like this:
    you’re some sort of leet unit, crimefighting or something even leeter, the girl on the left is the thelma type, she does most of the communication (hence the phone), and of the group, she does the most screaming when things get hairy. her assumptions and conclusions, while most often initially ignored, are always correct. she’s good at everything she tries, perhaps because she overdedicates herself to everything in a vain effort to escape the hurt of a boy from years ago who somehow drifted away.
    you, davin, being the tallest and having by far the coolest hair, are the leader of this merciless bunch. you are wise and your decisions are just, you have a penchant for crappy take-out coffee. you are both feared and respected by the other members of the team, but the only one amongst them who really knows you is the next girl over…
    she is, we discover a third of the way into the movie, your ex-wife. you met at the academy and it was instant fireworks. you were famous together, but then one day the shadowy figures in command decided you were the right stuff, that you should lead, while she was passed by. it was a hard decision, but you chose career. a decision that after many hard years she’s gotten over, but one you’ve only now begun to question. you miss her, but you never really realized it until you were brought together again for this uber-secret mission.
    the other boy, played by sam rockwell of course, is the renegade. his skills are beyond belief, but their origin is only alluded to, his past so shadowy and sordid that even the most miniscule glimpse into it makes the others shudder. he’s a loose cannon, bucks authority wherever it rears its head, but command always looks the other way, he’s just too valuable and too good. his shirt is an armani original, his pants are from the bay. he has never taken his sunglasses off in his adult life. you just plain old fashioned don’t fuck with this guy, heÒ€ℒs never wasted a bullet in his life.

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