i was giving presentations in Sooke Elementary yesterday when I saw this sign.
nice. so where does the curriculum focus on this subject of “right”? Great message, but I wonder how safe it is to explore that topic in those grades.
top two interactions at today’s booth in Family Food Mart:
1) old man approaches ketchup bottle stand beside our booth. iDawg tries to initiate conversation. iDawg smiles, and then says “i like ketchup too!” old man stares for a second, and then hobbles away.
2) two young (15ish) girls approach the booth and start talking to me. “are you selling laptops?” they ask. i respond “no, we’re giving away lightbulbs.” one girl smiles and asks “for how much?”

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  1. That’s hilarious. I worked for awhile in one of those government st. stores, (the ones that feel the same because they’re practically all owned by the same company) We used to get all kinds of crazy tourist action.
    “When does the queen get back?”
    “Which highway avoids the ferries? We’re going to Vancouver late tonight.”
    “How much is this in real money?”
    *rolls eyes*

  2. When my mom worked downtown some man go very angry with her because she wouldn’t tell him where the bridge back to Vancouver was, cause, gosh darn it, he knew he didn’t catch a ferry here.

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