there aint nothin

better than sleeping all day.
awwwww yeah.
sometimes I feel like I’m missing something if I sleep in .. today, no. Mmmm mmm sleep is so good.
last nights party was superb. it was one of those parties where no matter when you leave, you feel you’re leaving too early. everyone was uber nice and the hostess, julie, was ultrarad uberzope wickedawesome!
i dj’d at this partay last night with craig / ceedub / bedlam and nickgurns / nickgurns / nickgurns.. girlrepair did an awesome job of setting up the sound and making sure the party had the perfect sound, which it did all night. We got a noise complaint towards the end of the party, so it seemed right to shut the turntables down when we did, which was only two songs afterwards.
it was a costume party. girlrepair dressed up as jim; julie dressed up as a social butterfly; nickgurns dressed up as jerry springer; craig, justin, leaky and james dressed up as a progressive kru; tami dressed up as .. i’m not sure, i know she had a wing on though .. doh; gerry dressed up as hermes (i think); david dressed up as ‘cloudy with a chance of showers,’ which was very cool, you had to see it; i was aladdin.
julie .. i can’t believe you had that unity record .. @%&^(*@()$~!@&%^~@#)(~*(%@#$*~@%(@#&)%*~@#($!@(~*#(!@
go check out the new john b video if you haven’t yet. it’s not super funny, but it is weird enough that you should just see it, if only once. request it on much music, if you watch TV.
speaking of which, I had a conversation (albeit short) with julie last night about not watching tv. she doesn’t have cable, so she doesn’t see tv commercials. i have cable, but i never (once a month?) watch any show with anything you could even remotely call regularity. i don’t miss it at all. i enjoy movies much more .. one that I haven’t yet seen is “last of the mohicans” which I intend to watch tonight.

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  1. *grin* glad you had fun davin! everyone told me they had a fabulous time, and lots of people have called today to say thanks, again. and here i am again to say thank you for being a part of all the happiness and good vibes. you rawk!
    i had no idea about the unity record! i probably would have given it to you instead of nick had i known. oh! that probably hurts even more! sorry sweetie. if there’s anything else in my collection you’d like, just let me know and it’s yours.

  2. unity? the orkidea one? if so.. mmm. 🙂
    and yeah i missed out but i had fun sleeping and recovering from my cold instead. 🙁

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