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don’t they look similar upside down?

Hehe. Last night at Hush was alright.. although it was so cold. i wonder if that place has any heating. Working the door freezes you. It really does. I had found an old plug-in heater the week before and so I had that going but it really doesn’t put out much heat.
I played a spaced out breaks set. It was really nice, but at that point nobody had arrived at the club yet, except for Jim. Jim had to leave 2/3rds of the way through so at that point I was playing for myself and Yoseff and Brent. I hope they liked it. A few more people came in .. starting at around 10:45. At least we were able to pay for advertising on and pay freya for DJing. Not much mind you.
I spent my take-home on a BTCFS. It had been a month since my last one. Boy, those sure are good.
I feel kinda groggy today. Didn’t sleep that great last night plus I was already feeling a bit off. I have today off from work and thank god. I would be totally useless there today. Some of us from should be going out for beers this week, hopefully tonight. Wee shalll seeeeeeeee.
I’m probably going to work some more on my track today and see if I can find out where Jim and Chrissie are with Lyrics / Vocals. Ooooo it’s getting sunny as I write this. Very bright in my room!

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