the sweet sound of patent approval

.. is not a sound that can be described by words. other than those words, that is.
I’m staying over with devon‘s at her new place in Yaletown. I probably shouldn’t divulge the exact address etc, but I do want to say that it’s one of the most zope buildings I’ve been to. It’s got a SWAMP. A SWAMP in the middle of the building on the 3rd or 4th floor. Dooooooood!
Although the weather isn’t so great today, the view is still amazing. I’ve spent at least 30 minutes this morning staring out of a window. 🙂
Last night we had a couple of drinks and then decided to wander around town until we found a place that had decent food. Is it just me, or are the interiors of Pita Pits graphically designed like a flash website?
We’re going to go cruise around town today, no plans in particular yet .. but it’ll be nice to just hang out. We’ll play it by ear.

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