feeling pretty distant

tonight i arrived back from vancouver
but i didn’t feel like i was home
i still don’t.
vancouver was awesome and superrelaxing. kind of confusing though. last time i went there, i didn’t feel like there was anything left in that city for me. this time i am questioning how much there isn’t in victoria for me.
dev0n was a supreme hostess and had me drinking root BEER pretty much as soon as I got there. we saw 2 omnimax films. did you know that an omnimax film screen in Science World is just over 1000 square metres? that is 10% of a hectare! that’s a pretty big screen.
overall the trip was needed and it was entirely zope.
i would post pictures. .but i don’t have any.

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  1. davin and i spent some time on square metres and whatnot last night trying to calculate something or other, then i couldn’t find the square root key on windows calculator and suddenly it was all just too damn much work.

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