weird. i don’t feel like being murdered today

cheeky_: there is a weird man drywalling in my bathroom
ariz0na: lexi: Do you mean a “weirdman” or a “weird man”?
cheeky_: weird man
ariz0na: Oh.
ariz0na: Weird.
Mykee: wats the difference
ariz0na: Mykee: weirdmen are weirder than weird men
Mykee: how so?
ariz0na: they’re lacking a space in their name .. which is kind of weird, since there’s no reason for it. weirdness.
Mykee: i see.
cheeky_: haha
volo: that is rather….odd
cheeky_: i just hope he isn’t a murderer or something
cheeky_: cuz i’m all alone
cheeky_: and i don’t feel like being murdered today

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