flying dreams

took this photo on the way home from work this evening. oh hey! that fundraiser for the open door is this thursday at hush. i just practiced with the angry samoan and it’s going to be one heck of a show. be sure to be there in all sureness. i just booked my tickets to […]

violent silence

c79 (pictured) has a new EP coming out on Pacific Front Recordings and it’s getting some serious attention. sandra collins has been charting it and the most prominent website in all progressive music did this review on it: C79 – Shy Terrorism EP Pacific Front Recordings [PFR011] Rating: 8/10 Silent Violence (Original Mix) Silent Violence […]

casey jo

i don’t normally endorse prime time television. okay that’s a lie. i love arrested development and the office. but don’t ask me when they air; i watch them off of DVD and such. i made an exception in this case. ha ha, i said case. about a month ago, maybe more, casey jo and I […]


no fancy tricks here, just auto-levels on an underexposed sunlit subject with shadowy background. i took the photo on the songhees waterfront area, where the seaplanes take off, the mouth of victoria’s inner harbour. so check it out aight? canada has a new prime minister. his name is george w. bush. he has a rep […]