casey jo

i don’t normally endorse prime time television. okay that’s a lie. i love arrested development and the office. but don’t ask me when they air; i watch them off of DVD and such. i made an exception in this case. ha ha, i said case.
about a month ago, maybe more, casey jo and I (pictured above) went out on a cold [for victoria] blustery canadian december night and filmed an entry for much music’s vj search. tonight at 8 PM on cityTV, they aired the entry along with 19 of the other semi-finalists. i am 100% confident that it was not my camera work that got casey jo into the semi-finals. it’s all personality here folks.
so what do i think of the show? i watched the whole thing. for anyone who has watched much music any time in the last 20 years, there are a lot of VJ’s that you will recognize in there. of particular interest to myself were master T and erica ehm — they were the most prominent VJ’s when I used to watch mm back in the day. i forgot how many commercials there are in prime time television. there are a hell of a lot! that’s okay because i like to watch commercials, and one day, i’d like to write scripts for television advertisements. for serious.
go to much music’s vj search poll and vote for casey jo. canada, we may have blown the federal election, but with a little bit of attention i believe we can get this particular competition right.

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  1. nice site, cute picutre too 😉 i just voted for your girl casey-jo, hope she win for real…it will be nice if u can pass her my email too…i kinda hav a crush on her 😉

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