no fancy tricks here, just auto-levels on an underexposed sunlit subject with shadowy background. i took the photo on the songhees waterfront area, where the seaplanes take off, the mouth of victoria’s inner harbour.
so check it out aight?
canada has a new prime minister. his name is george w. bush. he has a rep up here for us canadians to talk to named stephen harper. for real. aight?
okay my real feelings on this subject is that i am astounded that stephen harpers platform of intollerance won over paul martins platform of inaccountability. and i am truly disappointed more people didn’t vote green or ndp. this region of canada did alright, but the rest .. where all the seats are .. no. not good.
i was joking with a friend tonight. i said i would’ve voted BQ if i could. just to see what they would actually do if they ran canada. as it is, they criple canada (what kind of party runs only in one province and why don’t the rest of us get one?) — would they seperate from canada, and then if they did, would the government technically go with them, leaving canada without a government — and would they take our name too?
in all seriousness this is a dark day for canada. in a pivotal time, a time in which we could make a big difference to the world, we appear to be taking an intollerant spectators spot, folding up our arms and standing back. it’s so sad, i can only hope that the rest of the voting nation can wake up next election. it is almost as if we have to wait for a generation to pass from voting before we can progress to a modern government that will fit the needs of todays day and age. today, we simply do not have it. straight up, it’s like that.
my other feelings on the political situation is that the seats are still heavily weighted towards the east. it makes it very difficult to feel like you can make a difference from the west when you see how many seats are concentrated in ontario and quebec. that system may have worked decades, even a century ago, but this is a different time than before with different needs, and a whole lot of people who are being minimalized by the current system.
okay that’s enough of a rant for now. i think the photo is far nicer than the words.

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