7 thoughts on “going to calgary”

  1. eeekk! When are you coming? Are you going to be here for Stampede????? Are you playing here? (please please say you are playing here, I’ll give my right arm to see a west coast dj play here)
    enough excitement for one day…!

  2. I could have sworn I just posted.
    I said something about this thing and then I added something.
    Basically woo and woo and such. Also when are you going because I might be going too. I am in the talks of being flown out to Calgary to work on a property. You get back to me you hear.
    mah see mah

  3. wheee! great shot, btw. very sasha-esque.
    too bad you’re not in cowtown sooner, you’d be able to meet up with cam and melissa..

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