Tiebreaker – Settle the Score

One Christmas Eve, myself and Anand were over at our parents place and as usual we couldn’t sleep because of all the sweet presents we were going to open the next day, like socks and matching family sweaters, that sort of thing. My mom used to seem to think it was pretty awesome to make us all wear the same thing at the family reunion. I am pretty sure she’s given up, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. Anyway so we were sitting around in the basement as if we were teenagers stuck at home again, and then I decided I was going to install some production software on my mom & dad’s computer, which I did. Then we went back and forth on this for about 7 or 8 hours straight and we had our song. Just like that, bam! It was easily one of the most fluid music productions I have ever been a part of. The song went on to get remixed by the breakbeat duo from Vancouver known as Influenza and also Micah from Ruhn Song / Baroque did a slick progressive house remix. The original mix is one of those half breaks, half four-on-the-floor tracks that seems to be so hard to come by. Anand, Justin and I did live version of this at VEMF 2006 with myself and Justin on effects and loops and Anand playing live saxophone over top of it. The song was featured on a Love Parade Compilation which topped the dance charts on iTunes for a while and received a lot of play and support from the local DJ’s here in Victoria.

  1. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Original mix)
  2. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Influenza remix)
  3. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Micah’s Miami Style Justice remix)

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