davin is made of clothes and music

i am pretty much done packing for now. the rest of the stuff i can come back for. it looks like i have a lot of stuff. it is amazing how i fit it all in here..
which means i will probably get a u-haul.
so, that was fun.
i feel a bit delerious from all the excitement.
last night’s going-away party for myself and pete was a complete success. 20-25ish people showed up between the cherry bank and temple, and then we hit up hugos afterwards and then dennys, and then back to town to wander until 5 am. i will post pictures when i am properly set up in vancouver.
thank you to everyone who came out last night.. it was right-proper and totally enjoyable.. largin’ it in victoria in a big-city style.. hehe.
the picture at the top was taken tuesday night around midnight.. the full size is spectacular.. the statue is about 8 or 9 feet tall.. very imposing.. standing beneath it felt like something from lord of the rings or devils advocate.. very spooky. i love this statue.. i have always driven past it near cattle point and been spooked by it .. the full moon illuminated it quite well and cast some eerie shadows.. anyway, this is my favorite picture in some time.
well then! off to do some last-night stuff.. bye!

packing up and moving on

i just finished packing up all my stuff from the victoria office in preparation for the move to vancouver. one of my jobs at the office was .. you guessed it, DJ. my top ten played songs are -all- by ulrich schnauss and coldplay, so here are the top ten artists (with top track name) that were played in the since may 2003:

  1. Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol
  2. Coldplay – Amsterdam
  3. Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (Hybrid remix)
  4. J.S.J. – Deep Love 9 (16B remix)
  5. JunkieXL featuring Harland – Rivers
  6. Minilogue – In A Deeper Motion
  7. Our Lady Peace – Naveed
  8. Kinnie Starr – Alright (Hybrid dub)
  9. Lo Step – Burma
  10. Slacker – Lookie Thing

really, the soundtrack to the office would be comprised of 1567 tracks equal to 11 days, 1 hour, 1 minute and 41 seconds of music. (and some david cross thrown in for good, though somewhat inappropriate, measure.)

going away partee update

hello folks,
the going away party for myself and pete is this wednesday starting at 7-7:30ish as to not conflict with anyones work. sound good?! oh yes, we’re starting at the cherry bank rib haus on burdette (between quadra and blanshard) and then making our way to temple afterwards for drinks, and then hugos later on!

resonance: formulate & afk

here it is, my last show, but not resonance’s last show! i am happy to say that yoseff will be joining nickgurns for the next couple seasons of resonance and who knows what may happen from there!
featured track:

  • No Doubt – Its My Life [Seed vs. SCSI remix] (Unreleased)

featured Live PA / mix: Formulate

  • Formulate – Abbreviated Funk (Pacific Front Recordings – Unreleased)
  • Medway – Trauma [Formulate remix] (Unreleased)
  • Formulate – Rising Edge (Pacific Front Recordings – Unreleased)
  • Formulate – Johnny Brooklyn [Original mix] (Cure)
  • Formulate – Parrish North (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • AFK – Magnetic [Formulate remix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Formulate – Lonely In The Middle (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Formulate – The Voice of Qi (Pacific Front Recordings)

Featured mix: afk / ariz0na

  • Habersham – Leaving Tifton [Digital Witchcraft remix] (White Label)
  • Violet Vs. Mantronik – Burn the elastic (smile records)
  • Greece 2000 – Three Drives [Farmatronic Genetic Mix] (Hooj)
  • Tiebreaker – Prominence [AFK’s Mahseev Breaks mix]
  • Bjork – An echo, a stain [Luke Chable & Chris Gainer Mix] (White Label)
  • Landa – Music n’ Control (Selfish Recordings)
  • Quivver – Space Manoeuvres pt3 (BozBoz)
  • Madoka – Distant Memories [Matthew Dekay Mix] (PR Records)
  • Luke Chable presents Quest – The Shepherd (Vapour)
  • Scott Hardkiss Presents God Within – The Phoenix [Starecase Remix] (Dorigen Music)
  • Breeder – Tyrantanic [Ocean Wave Remix] (Rhythm Syndicate)
  • Mike Hiratzka & Justin Scott Dixon – Two Worlds (Propulsion Records)
  • AFK – Dance of the Minataur (CDR)